We invite you to participate in the Twelfth International Congress of the Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (CCIA 2009), which will take place in Cardona on October 21-23, 2009. The official languages of the congress for presentations are: catalan, spanish, french, italian and english.

The main objective of this Congress is to foster discussion around the last works in Artificial Intelligence which have been developed in the research community of the Catalan Countries, as well as gathering community members.

All contributions will be presented in articles from 6 to 8 pages. The deadline for submitting articles is the 2nd June of 2009. We encourage you to present contributions reflecting finished works as well as preliminary works with promising innovative ideas.

Data mining
AI applications
AI an environmental systems
Machine learning
Knowledge engineering
Algorithms/Evolutive programming
Real-time AI
AI and assistive technologies
Artificial neural networks
AI and biologic systems
Natural language
Fuzzy systems
Reasoning models
PerceptionFusion/aggregation of information
Planning and optimization
RoboticsInformation processing
Logic programming
Artificial life
Problem solving in AI
Speech recognisition
Constraint satisfactionAgents and multi-agents systems